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February 23, 2011

Oh Tessa, what a wild girl she is. She's very strong and very strong willed. She knows what she wants and is sure to let us know if we're doing something she is not a fan of. The other day at the grocery store we had gotten 10 feet inside the store. She made a very sad face and started crying.

Fine. We know she's not a huge fan of the carseat. We usually just take her out when she gets fussy and carry her around. She was having no part of grocery store time. She screamed so loud and cried so hard, you'd think we were trying feed her sardines or something. We tried to go down one more aisle to grab a few necessities since we only needed a few things, but she wanted absolutely nothing more than to leave that store. So, Joel picked up the bare minimum (tortillas, milk, coffee, saltines) while I sprinted to the car with her in my arms. Nevermind the carseat, I just carried her and ran as she screamed the whole way.

She shouldn't have been hungry but I tried to feed her a little in the car while we waited for Joel. Nope, she wasn't hungry. I changed her diaper, which was still dry. Ok, not the diaper. Finally I turned up the CD I was listening to (Taylor Swift) and bounced her on my knee. It worked! She was instantly quiet. We did this for about 3 minutes until Joel got back to the car. I put her back in her carseat, and we went home. Immediately when we got home, I stuck her in the bumbo so I could put the groceries away. This is the face I got:

What a little stinker. So, the lesson learned here is this:

Tessa's too cool for the grocery store. Dually noted child.

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