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February 3, 2011

the &*"%#@% house

I have a semi-strong distaste for our current home. The house itself is not too bad, it's only a few years old, has a full, dry basement, and a decent layout. But, I hate the location, I hate that its not ours, and I definitely hate that we can't do whatever we want with it. No wall painting, no remodeling, no tearing up the hideous carpet that covers all but a 2x2 foot space at the entryway. It bugs me.

But, my reasonable and logical husband makes lots of sense. We know this place is temporary, we know this town is temporary. Temporary means 1-3 more years. Sometimes I wonder how I can last 1-3 more years in this place. In -3 more years, we'll probably have another child (I'm thinking closer to the 3 than the 1, so don't get any ideas!) In 1-3 more years, we hope to be nearly out of debt and hopefully by then I'll be able to finish up everything I need to do to become a Registered Dietitian. We'll see about that last one, sometimes I'm not sure if I even want that. 

Joel says why invest in a home that we know we'd have to sell in 1-3 years? Why put time and energy into a place that we won't be there long enough to enjoy? Why take the chance of getting stuck with a home we can't sell when we want to leave this town? Ok, fine, Joel. You win. But c'mon. I want to have a house that I love and that I want to put time and energy and blood, sweat, and tears into. It's a girl thing.

So, for now, we're here, in this 2 bedroom townhouse that has enough space for us now and is relatively decent. Someday, we'll have the house we dream of with some land so the kiddos can run around. We're thinking a farmhouse without actually having farm stuff. Just a house, some land, and a barn or a morton building. Ah... someday.

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  1. Sounds like you've got a smart guy! Sticking with the plan is sometimes WAAAAAAY better than the fast-food mentality that we're used to! So, good job on being behind him on it. He's right. :-)