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February 11, 2011



This information was borrowed from Deal Wise Mommy but I have been doing swagbucks since December and we've already got $150 in Amazon gift cards and $40 in Target cards. It's totally legit. Seriously. 

Click here to join!

NEW-Swagbucks Games! You can play games and get free Swagbucks.

What have you been trading for your Swagbucks? My favorite is Amazon cards that do not expire and can be stacked. I am using mine to get stuff for Christmas for the family!

They officially be launching their own video portal, Swagbucks TV, where you have the opportunity to earn Swagbucks for watching videos on a variety of topics to appeal to all interests.
Many have asked me over and over… “What are Swagbucks“. Well this posting hopefully will explain all the in’s and out’s!
Swagbucks are “Digital Dollars” which you can buy anything from the swagstore you want. Most chose to do the gift cards (the other items in the store are really high cost if you do the math.) Most of the items in the store can be bought on amazon and for much cheaper.. Ex an Ipod Nano Video is 16,999 points on sale (37999 not on sale)… but if you buy it on amazon it is only $159.00.. With Swag points for Amanzon Cards ($5.00) it is 14,440 Points. So make sure to do your math and see if it is cheaper to buy the Amazon cards.
The first thing I suggest is to download the toolbar HERE.

Sorry the image is blurry! The best I could get. This is where you can do a ton of stuff. Searching, get the 4 extra bucks a day.
-Just for having it installed you get 1-3 swagbucks a day! This will pop up as soon as you open the browser. If it is higher than one you might have to enter a verify code.
-I do all my searches here too! So simple.
-Get messages from TSG.. Which can contain codes.
How to get these bucks:
-Searches-I use the toolbar. I also will search images too(watch some are graphic or adult only for the most basic or words that seem to be harmless.) What to search: Deal Wise Mommy, Kids toys, etc.. Simple things. Holidays..etc When you win.. it will look like this. How often to search: I usually can win 3 times a day (So I search in the morning, mid day and bedtime).
(Some times you will have to enter the verify code)
-Swagcodes-These can be found everywhere. The Swidget (which I will talk about in a bit), TSG Messages (will also talk about), Swagbucks.com/blog & Store, Swagbucks Twitter (you do not need twitter to see the page), or Swagbucks Facebook. Some times the codes are pretty to find. Or sometimes they will have a hunt. There is were they give you clues to find the code (most of the time these are hidden in the swagstore). You ask.. “What do these codes look like?”
This is an old code and will not work. It will be a combo of letters numbers. They will stand out a bit. The #1 rule is do not post the codes.. Your account can be deactivated.
Once you have a code.. Head on over to swagbucks.com and enter your code in the box that looks like this.
After you enter the code it will show how much it was worth.
These codes to have a time limit. They are in Pacific time.. So if you are Central time.. Just add 2 hours to the time when it ends. Eastern add 3 hours to the time it ends.
-Surveys-You can get swagbucks from these. Most of them are very hard to qualify for. How ever make sure to log in every day to get 1 swagbuck just for checking!!
This is what the survey page looks like. You will see a tab/link at the top that says PROFILES. Check that often.. I find all kinds of little surveys that you can do for 5 to 10 points. These are about your interests etc.
Special Offers- I have done a few of these but not many.. They require a lot of personal info at times.. Credit card info etc. I did the Netflix just because we were going to sign up anyways. They tend to have a few Facebook apps you can allow to get a few points and videos (I can never get the videos to credit).
Swagbucks TV-Watch a few videos and get rewards! I have found you have to watch about 3 to 5 to get some bucks! You can do this a few times too a day I have heard.
4 Swagbucks a Day to Start Off With (this is found in the Toolbar-Ways to Earn)
-NOSO-This is No Obligation Special Offers-just click skip on all to earn 1 swagbuck.
-Trusted Surveys-Just visit everyday to get 1 swagbuck.
-Daily Polls-Visit everyday and take the poll for 1 swagbuck
-Just have the Toolbar installed will give you 1-3 each day when you open your browser.

You can use this to find swag codes mainly. You can do more with it, but that is all I use it for.
This is the Toolbar Message from TSG (The Swag Guy)
-In here you will find messages with codes. The little white envelope will have a yellow/orange star on it when a new message. Sometimes new messages will not show up.. Just hit the Green Refresh button.. Might show up then.
-How to get more bucks-The key is referrals. Just keep sharing with your friends! When you log in to your account.. Hit the promote button and you will find your special code. You can send this to people who you want to invite!
Here are the Don’ts
-Do not post Swag codes! This can get your account deactivated.
-Do not post your Referral Link Everywhere.. If you want to share.. You just need to email it to your friends or post to YOUR Facebook Page.
-Do not over search-you can get the “Rules Page” This means do not spend all day searching. I think if you do it too much you can get deactivated too..
-Friday Is Mega Swagbucks Day-You can win some higher values
-Install the toolbar and get those extra 4-6 bucks a day.. They will add up.
-I will post codes as I know they are out on Facebook.. When I can :)
How longs does it take to get enough to get a card-in the beginning on my own no referrals.. I could get one to 2 $5.00 amazon cards.. slow but hey that is Free $5.00-$10.00 on amazon. The amazon cards never expire. When I get mine.. I take the gift card number and pop into my amazon account. Makes it easy!
I hope this long posting that took me an hour to write (I hope I got everything) helps! Start getting those Swagbucks!!

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