Tessa makes 3!

The adventures of a young couple starting a family, teaching each other and learning as we go, and having fun doing it!

September 30, 2011

What a goofy girl

Tessa is officially 11 months old. Yikes. That's one month away from being a year old. Double yikes. She has more personality than she knows what to do with. She loves to fake cough, fake laugh, destroy everything in sight, and make silly faces. The newest of which is the one below:
She is going to be a bee for Halloween (maybe, this was a handmedown, I haven't decided if I need to buy her a costume yet, but I still might need to). So, we tried it on and practiced. She hates the hood, which is pretty much what makes it a bee as opposed to just a striped outfit. And it's a little tight. We'll see.
 Since she's officially 11 months, we also took her 11 month pictures! She finally realized that her rocking chair rocks and if she throws her body around, she can make it move. Pictures were more difficult than normal. And she loves her koala bear chew toy snuggle buddy/pillow.

September 21, 2011


We bought a house! Yes, that's right. We have a signed, accepted offer on a house and will be closing November 21st! I'm a little bummed we won't be in our new house by Halloween. That was my goal since our new house is in the most adorable neighborhood in town. I was hoping we could drag Tessa around in a wagon in her bumble bee costume and trick or treat to all our new neighbors. But, we'll have to wait for next year. The sellers needed time to buy a house so we aren't closing until just before Thanksgiving. At least it won't be the dead of winter.

When we went to the bank today, Joel told the mortgage guy I already spent all our money on stuff for the house. I was embarrassed, but he was telling the truth. Ever since we decided to buy, I've been buying "house stuff" that I can't live without. Nevermind that I don't know if it will fit in the new house, I needed it because it was for the new house. That's just how my world works. So, I've been picking stuff up here and there, and loading up a few bags when we were at IKEA last month. The ability to decorate my own home is something I haven't had a chance to do yet, so I really want to take advantage and make my home 'us'.

September 14, 2011

work work work, all day long

I feel like that's all we do anymore. Joel gets home at 4:10am, I leave for work at 4:20am. Joel takes Tessa to daycare when she wakes up, I pick her up when I get off work. I come home, he goes into work at 4pm (he's been working insane amounts of overtime). He comes home for supper, I get Tessa supper and ready for bed, we go to bed. That's our days lately.

Finally today, we both have days off! So, we're heading to Ames for a fun day of Target. Yes, I make a day out of a Target trip. We have a few errands to run so uncle Marcus is going to watch Tessa. I think the best birth control in the world is handing off a wild 10 month old to a single college guy.

In other news, we're in the market for a house. We decided we like WC and want to hang out here a while. It's a pretty nice place, we've got some good friends and we both like our jobs. That is a stressful process! So many houses, so many choices, so many different layouts and designs. We want something that's at least semi-updated. We don't have the time or energy for a complete renovation of anything so it's a bonus if someone else already did it.