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February 10, 2011

3 months

I am a little behind on this, but on January 28, my little pumpkin pie turned 3 months! She is such a funny little girl, always smiling and being a ham. Here are some recent stats on her:

  • She recognizes our voices and smiles whenever I get home from work
  • Rolling over from stomach to back pretty consistently
  • On the verge of rolling from back to stomach
  • Loves her paci
  • Chews on her doll, her Sophie, and her hand and shirt sleeve
  • Randomly laughs at the swing pole going back and forth
  • sleeps 12 hours a night, uninterrupted (8:30pm-8:30am)
  • Swaddles with 1 arm out since she started breaking out of it
  • Still on the Apnea monitor at night, but this should go away soon
  • Loves her play mat with her rings and toys
  • Loves her bouncy seat
  • Won't take naps in her crib, but I think this is because it's not dark enough 
  • Clusterfeeds in the evening still
  • Approximately 13 pounds (done on our bathroom scale)
  • Very long and lean, just like her dad
  • Loves bathtime
  • Endlessly entertaining!

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