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December 14, 2011

christmas is here!

We have been busy bees around the house getting everything set up in our new home! The Christmas tree is up, there are ornaments on the top half of it (Tessa is destructive), and I've already baked a batch of Christmas cookies. I didn't go all out with decorating this year since I figured I should spend time unpacking boxes instead of hanging a wreath, but we're still feeling the Christmas spirit.

I decided to buy Tessa an Ergo baby carrier for Christmas this year. It's really more of a gift for me, but I use it for her. We tested it during the sugar cookie bake-a-thon which turned into naptime for Tessa. Joel likes it too he's decided. She's also getting a couple puzzles, a few books, some clothes, and a stocking full of little goodies. Oh, and these. <---My favorite gift of all.