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May 30, 2011

7 month pictures

I forgot to post the 7 month pictures. Oops!

7 months!

On Saturday Tessa turned 7 months. It's hard to believe how much has changed in her growth, development, and personality since she was 6 months old.

She's so close to crawling we just know that any day now she'll take off. She hasn't figured out that her knees are there to assist her though, so right now she digs her toes into the carpet and pushes/lunges herself forward to get somewhere. But, she certainly can move around the room at will. She does get a really intense look on her face when she's trying to move. She's bound and determined to get where she thinks she needs to and she gets there, one way or another!

She is sitting unassisted now which is so fun. She has figured out how to get from sitting to laying on the ground, but can't get to sitting from the ground just yet. She loves music and laughs at anything that sings, including American Idol, her toys, her daddy in the shower, and mom in the car.

She is wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes. She is still really long and skinny so depending on what she's wearing, she has different sizes. She's wearing some 3-6 months stuff and also has some 12 month onesies that fit her. It's crazy to look in her closet and see 18 month and 2t clothes because I don't think she'll ever be wearing them. Then again, I thought the 6-9 month clothes looked huge.

We just moved her to 3 meals a day and she loves to eat. We've also started introducing some finger foods for her to try. So far she just makes a mess but some gets in her mouth and it's just practice anyways!

May 28, 2011

Garage sale lovin'

Last weekend we were in Des Moines for a graduation party and a wedding. I took that opportunity to hit up some garage sales that I was hoping would be awesome. They were, in fact, above awesome. Tessa lost steam pretty early in this excursion, so I then I had to pick and choose. Decisions, decisions.

I stopped by a couple small ones in south Ankeny that were next door neighbors. I prefer 2-fers when it comes to garage sales, that way I can take Tessa out and put her in the stroller or carry her without undoing her carseat and putting it back in over and over. At the first garage sale, I got her this light up singing toy (because I'm apparently a sucker for anything that sings and lights up because it'll distract her for 10 seconds) but I also found some Disney VHS movies. I know, I know, VHS is a lost technology, but Disney movies are priceless and I just couldn't pass them up at 50 cents a piece, so I got 7.

I also found a couple pairs of jammies that were barely used. It's hard to believe that my baby is wearing 9 month pajamas so buying 12 month jammies was traumatic. I picked up the pace since Tessa was starting to fuss and fidget. I picked up a colored vase for a quarter (useless something I don't need but I guess I'm accidentally starting to collect colored vases for that kitchen I'll have someday that I can decorate and pretty up. I think that's a pipe dream these days though. I digress. I overheard someone say there was another garage sale on the next cul-de-sac over, so I figured I'd take a quick lap before taking Tessa home.

 First, there was a giant, awesome garage sale set up. But even better, next to this awesome giant garage sale was a driveway with a garage door closed and some stuff sitting out front. There was a sign taped to the garage sale that said, "FREE, please take." Ok, done. I'll help you with that. There were 2 little girls sitting in the driveway so I asked if it was a garage sale and they said, no, their parents just wanted to get rid of some stuff so it's free. Sweet! I start to look through some of the stuff when my eye catches something sitting at the edge of the grass, folded up, and dirty. But, I knew exactly what it was. It was this stroller.

Yup, that stroller, for free. It just needed a good hose down and it was like brand spankin' new. I wanted to keep looking at the other stuff and go to the actual garage sale next door, but something was telling me to take this guy and stick him in my car RIGHT NOW before anything happened to it. So, I did. Shoved it in the back of my car as quickly as possible. I almost felt bad getting it for free, but they insisted they just wanted it gone. Ok, sweet. So, I also grabbed some placemats, a messenger bag, a 3-tier cupcake stand, and another toy for Tessa.

I was really trying not to be greedy but these girls were just encouraging me to take this and take that. So finally, I made it to the actual garage sale next door. I found Joel a brand new Callaway golf bag for 10 bucks and I grabbed a couple more random house items that I certainly didn't need but definitely wanted. Here's my basic logic for buying stuff I don't really need at a garage sale. This is also my justification when Joel asks. Ready?

If I'm going to want to buy it eventually at full price, even if that's in a couple years when we have a real house to decorate, you might as well let me buy it cheap now and store it.

Boom. Logic. Winning. Garage sale success.

May 24, 2011

That house I was telling you about

A few weeks ago, we discussed moving to another place in town. We are currently in small 2 bedroom townhouse. We started looking at potentially renting a house in town when one of Joel's coworkers mentioned that they were going to moving and would be interested in selling or renting us their current house. Ok, that might work. We went to look at it and fell in love. Both of us, suckered in by this large, old, beautiful home.
I've always been a classic home kinda girl, I want an old farmhouse or victorian with some character. This one had it all, updated kitchen/bathrooms, finished attic, a play room for Tessa, and a huge front porch complete with a porch swing. I was in love, and apparently so was Joel. We decided that we didn't want to rent it because we knew that the next place we moved after it would not be as great. So we though maybe we'd buy it. We'd been talking about staying in Webster City longer than we first decided so maybe that was a viable option.

And then... just as quick as that idea came to life, it was shot down. Ankeny PD will be hiring later this summer and Joel knows that's one place he'd really like to work. He knows a few officers there and knows he'd probably have a great shot at getting a position, plus then we'd be back home, closer to our families, back with civilization. So, we're going to see how that goes. Or at least that's the plan today. Subject to change at any moment.

May 18, 2011

Is my kid a weirdo

Tessa does not watch TV. Let me rephrase this, I sometimes try to put her in front of it with a kid friendly show on so I can get some things done, and she's not interested. The TV does not distract her like it does with mom and dad! All day long, she'll glance up at it, but is much more interested in dad's work bag, pulling over her toy basket, trying to pull herself up on the tv stand, rolling around in her blanket until she's created a Tessa burrito.

I suppose this isn't the worst thing that's ever happened to us, but sometimes I wish she was easily distracted by it so I can walk out of the room without a meltdown. Yep, we're in that stage too. She makes many a trip to the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and basement because that's the only way we can get something done. So, she comes along on many of our journeys around the house. She is infatuated with laundry and the pile of clothes I create while folding them. Her favorite is unfolding what I've just folded, eating it, then tossing it aside out of the way of her play time. She is more and more mobile by the day, and has figured out how to get from A to B ver efficiently if motivated! It won't be long before we have to completely babyproof this townhouse!

Oh by the way, we might be moving out of the townhouse... more to come later. It's still in the works.

May 17, 2011

Bad blogger

I've been a bad blogger lately. sorry! It doesn't help that the website was down for 2 whole days, but still, I've been neglectful. So, I apologize.

I also realize I forgot to document Tessa's 6 month well baby check up. She went in May 3rd for her 6 month check up with the pediatrician and did very well! She  was 14 lbs 13.5 oz, which was just above the 25th percentile. She had been below the 25th or hovering right around it, so it was good to see she's gaining still. She just looks like such a little peanut compared to other babies we see! She was  26 1/2 inches long, which is in the 75th percentile.

So, she's still long and lean, just like Joel. I'll take it! I doubt she'll be 6 feet tall like her dad, but if she gets a couple inches on me, I'll be happy. I hope she doesn't get my height of 4'11" (on a good day!), and that she lands somewhere in the mid 5feet range. She was sure hamming it up for the doctor, as usual.

In other news, she's on the move. She isn't crawling officially yet, but she's definitely getting to where she needs to go with this scoot, roll repeatedly, slam face into ground and push method. It's hilarious, but she goes to bed every night with red cheeks from using her face as a moving mechanism. The other night she escaped her bumbo chair and found her toy basket will I was going to the bathroom. I came out to a mess of toys and her head inside the bucket.

Ah yes, another fun thing we've realized about Tessa. She apparently is afraid of men with facial hair. As in, sad face, pucker face, crying, scared. Unfortunately, men with facial hair includes my dad Papa Scot, my uncle, and various other members of the family, including Joel when he's lazy and forgets to shave.

May 10, 2011

What I miss when I'm working

Today I got a text message from Joel while I was working that read:

"Mom I've been sitting like this for 5 minutes and counting. Love you."

It had this picture attached:

Yep, that's my girl. Sitting up. Something I've been practicing with her everyday for weeks, and she chooses the one day I'm supposed to be off and volunteer to work to perform for dad.

May 7, 2011

Garage Sale Season is upon us!

I'm so excited, this was the first weekend of garage sales! There were a few scattered sales in the last couple of weeks, but yesterday, the community board was full of advertisements. Tessa and I ventured out for a while this morning after she woke up. We found some great deals on random housewares I can't live without, a couple planters for when I have a porch attached to a real house someday. ::Sigh::: Oh, I also got Tessa a couple of loud, annoying, singing toys that she was already laughing at while still at the sale.

So far, I've started collecting some great stuff. I got Tessa an adirondack chair for 50 cents that just needs to be sprayed off with a hose and will work great outdoors and camping. I got a lazy susan for spices in the cabinet, a little ledge for organization in the pantry, and a couple cute little colored vases. Family Circle magazines and Better Homes and Gardens have been inspiring, and I love that I can find great stuff for cheap! Most of it can't really be used right now since we don't have a home big enough for my trinkets, but I'm collecting it anyways, knowing that someday when we move, I'll be able to fill the home with lots of cute stuff!

May 6, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

I know I'm a little late, but Tessa's first Easter was great! Tessa and I went to Des Moines and went to G.G. Judy's (Joel's grandmother) for brunch and spent some time with Brynn, then went to my aunt Jan's and had some fun playing with Isla. Joel had to work so he missed the fun.