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July 6, 2015


I got my first influenster box in June, which was full of awesome products I'd never heard of. I was disappointed that mine was missing a product so I wasn't able to try it, but the stuff I did get was awesome. Who doesn't love pampering products (the mask and shampoo!) and Red Vines?! I really wish I was able to try the SkinFix butt cream because I've got 2 kids in diapers so we go through a lot of cream!

The Uncle Bens was a new product for me but I love their other stuff and it did not disappoint. What an easy and delicious side dish! Same with the fries, though I was skeptical of their potential to be crispy. I can't wait to get another box sometime down the line and try new stuff!!


I received a free bottle of Attitude shampoo from @influenster to try. I wasn't sure about this, because I have thick, frizzy hair and it's tough to find shampoo that cuts through all that hair, strips away the product, but doesn't leave it dry or frazzled.

But I was pleasantly surprised by this shampoo. It smells decent and doesn't make my hair greasy or dry. Just... normal :) The price was right, the smell was right, and it's a keeper!
@ATTITUDEliving and @Influenster  #ATTITUDEatTarget