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February 23, 2011

Loud mouth

Well, Tessa finally found her voice. And boy, has she got a lot to say. Every waking moment is spent babbling or yelling. Half the time I can't tell if she's mad or just wants us to know she's awake. She's usually just announcing her presence.

She's also starting to repeat some of the noises we make, which is just hilarious. I often sing her softball cheers and for some reason, that gets her laughing hysterically. Our favorite goes like this:

Tessa is a friend of mine
She can hit it anytime

She loves to imitate the ah part, and I think she knows what she's doing but she does it as I'm doing it along with the song. I would love to get into the brain of that little girl. She entertains us endlessly.

She is attempting to roll from back to belly, but usually she's on her playmat so as she starts to do that, she gets distracted by a dangling animal or ring. Or, she runs into a roadblock and gives up. 

This was as far as she got the other night and then couldn't figure out how to let go of the pole and just let herself fall so she pushed herself back over on her back and continued playing.

She's also very good at scooting around on her back and is able to move off her playmat, do complete circles, and flail aimlessly.

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