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February 16, 2011

Professional Roller

We have a professional roller on our hands. She's not quite able to roll from her back to her belly but she's getting close. She does roll very quickly from her belly to her back. I think it is her way of defying me during tummy time. She rolls onto her back within 5 seconds of being on her stomach. Then, she flips herself over and smiles at me.

She's also starting to become very aware of everything around her. There' s no leaving the room anymore because she realizes it right away and lets us know she's not happy about it.

She is also officially unswaddled. It started a couple weeks ago when she broke one arm out of her swaddle a few nights in a row. So, we decided to swaddle her with just one arm in and she did great.

Monday night, she fell asleep earlier than normal after having a rough day with no nap. We had her pajamas on but I had not swaddled her for the night yet. She was zonked out so I decided to lay her down just to see how she would do. She slept until morning, as usual!

Ever since then, we've had her in a sleep sack instead of swaddled and she's done great. All it takes is a pacifier and her Seahorse and she is one happy sleeper!

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