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February 18, 2011

Getting creative

A few weeks ago at the grocery store I found ground turkey on sale. I had heard that you can substitute ground beef for turkey in many recipes, but I knew that I would have a hard time convincing Joel of that. I picked up a couple pounds anyways, in tubes like this:

I figured I would start out slow and put it in spaghetti sauce. That way, if Joel thought it would be weird, it would be covered by the normalcy of spaghetti sauce. I swear I'm a food psychiatrist with this guy. I have to beg him to try something new, even though 99% of the time he ends up liking it.

Once again, turkey in the spaghetti sauce turned out to be a success, just like I promised him it would. He never believes me, but he lets me try and he is often convinced that it's not as bad as he thinks it will be. So last night, I decided to reuse some of the turkey and some crescent rolls that desperately needed to be used. On a side note, I bought 3 packages of Crescent rolls to make veggie pizza and later that afternoon Joel picked 3 up for me also. Then I figured out that the veggie pizza only takes 2 packages, so we had 4 leftover. We don't normally eat Crescent rolls plain. So, we've been trying to find things to make using crescent rolls.

Anyways..... turkey and crescent rolls. I found a recipe online for pizza pockets using crescent rolls and figured I'd give it a try. I make homemade pizzas and calzones reguarly, since pizza is a major food group in Joel's life. So, I figured I'd try another variation and get rid of another tube of Crescent rolls. Joel's likes meat lovers so I put some pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and the browned ground turkey from the night before. Mine had pepperoni, canadian bacon, and pineapple. I know, it sounds weird. I used to just make canadian bacon and pineapple but it's delicious with pepperoni in it too.

I pocketed them all up, using 1 triangle for the top and one for the bottom. A whole tube makes 4 pizza pockets. Bake them up at 375 for about 15 minutes.

Mine did not look like this, nor did I garnish the plate. I also had Pepsi instead of the fancy white milk pictured. But, they turned out great and I'm sure this will become a regular in our house anytime we need to get rid of Crescent rolls. I think slowly and surely, I am broadening his horizons. He even ate green beans the other night. It's progress people!

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