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March 29, 2012

Couponing at its finest

Last fall, I stumbled across a coupon that had a big payout. Proctor and Gamble released a coupon for $8 off any 2 Covergirl face products. I scoped out Walmart and found that mascara and eyeliner were about $5 each, and the eye shadow was $3. Hmmm... that meant I could get free Covergirl stuff, as long as I had the coupons for it.

Well, my fabulous husband produced 36 newspapers left over on Sunday night from the gas station he frequents on his overnight shifts. So, I now had 36 Covergirl coupons. I went to Walmart, grabbing 72 Covergirl products, and got them all for free!! I thought that was such a smoking deal. But, then it got better. About a week later, I stumbled across a rebate.This rebate stated that if I sent in $50 in receipts showing I had purchased Proctor and Gamble products, I would get a $10 rebate card and a Breast Cancer Awareness Bakeware set. I figured I'd give it a shot, just in case it worked. If not, I was out the stamp. The best part? The Covergirl products I'd gotten for free from coupons were included in this, so all I had to do was send in the receipts from those transactions!

I received the $10 Rebate Card about a month later, and figured I just wouldn't get the bakeware set. No big deal. I was still way up. Then, last week, a mysterious box showed up. I had no idea what it was, I certainly wasn't expecting a package. I opened it, and lo and behold, it CAME!!!!

It is so cute, and it is actually pretty decent stuff! Coupons For the Win!

March 23, 2012


Yesterday we embarked on a journey. A journey that took us 756 miles, across 3 states, 2 airports, and one car ride. We ended up at the front door of my brother! We flew from Des Moines to Denver, the first time we made this trip out of Des Moines rather than Omaha, and the first time with Miss Tessa.

She did very well...once we actually started moving in the airplane. She ran around in the airport, laughed at the TSA agents, and made some new friends waiting to board. She tried to climb over the seats and got angry when we strapped her into the seatbelt. Once we got moving though, she was out. She started to wake up as we touched down in Denver. Luke was waiting for us by baggage claim, and we were in the car in no time, heading to Littleton. When we arrived, 2 little faces were waiting anxiously by the door, Jaxon and Noah, our nephews! So far, Tessa has had quite the fun with them, although she overwhelms the mellow Noah.

March 18, 2012


When my nephew was younger, he had a favorite book. Officially, the book is called 15 animals, but really, it is the Bob book. Tessa received this book from her aunt and uncle and it has quickly become one of her favorites. She has started to bring the book to Joel and I and beg for us to read it. We finally caught her reading it the other day!