Tessa makes 3!

The adventures of a young couple starting a family, teaching each other and learning as we go, and having fun doing it!

June 23, 2010


Sorry for my long delays between blogs! Between our internet being down (grr Mediacom), our constant projects (to be blamed on my nesting!) and our busy schedules with work, it's been neglected. So, I'm sorry. I have kept us busy with projects. We recently decided not to buy a house in here in Webster City, but decided to fix up our rental house a bit to make it more like home.
This is our (mostly Joel's since he's the heavy lifter!) to do list:

Empty out guest bedroom, which currently is guest room/Joel's work stuff/gun closet/computer room/extra storage. This will become Tessa's room. Once the room is empty, we need to put the dresser and rocker/ottoman in there, then build the crib, paint the changing table, and arrange the furniture, all of which is sitting in the living room right now.

Rearrange living room. We bought a new tv stand and bookshelf so once we have space in the living room (after the above project is complete) then we will build the new furniture for the living room, get it rearranged, and hang curtains. Since it is a rental, we can't paint so we are stuck with decorating it in other creative ways.

Finally, we will create a guest room in the basement using wall dividers and bookshelves to create a room for when the grandparents come visit.

I will leave you with my most recent photo, at week 22!

June 8, 2010

It's a Girl!

We had our 20 week ultrasound last Thursday, June 3. Of course, we had a stubborn baby, so the ultrasound tech couldn't give us a definitive answer on whether we were having a boy or girl. In fact, our baby was so stubborn, we barely got face shots because she kept blocking her face with her hands! I guess this is a glimpse into the future. We went for our followup appointment yesterday, and the d.octor said everything looked great from the ultrasound. Since I knew the doctor from the coffee shop I worked at, I was able to bribe him into checking out the baby again to see if he could tell the sex. He looked and said girl! It was well worth the cost of a Vanilla Latte (his drink of choice!)

In other news, we had been house shopping for something to buy in Webster City. We began negotiating for a house, but got cold feet at the last minute because it all just seemed to be going so fast and we got so obsessed with the idea of owning a home. Once we finally calmed down and took a deep breath, we realized we didn't want to get stuck into a home right now and Joel thought we would have a difficult time selling it when we wanted to move in a few years.

So, after a very stressful weekend, we decided to stay in our rental townhouse and fix it up a bit. We agreed to buy some new furniture and turn part of the basement into a guest bedroom. It will be worth the small investment to save money and live in a maintenance free space. We thought it was a great compromise.