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May 18, 2010

Baby Update and recent stuff

We are now at 17 weeks. Carlos is now the size of an onion, and has fingerprints! I have been feeling pretty good so I can't complain anymore! We will find out the sex of little C.M. on June 3rd, and can't wait. I am finally starting to show a little, so here is a recent photo.

We also have had a few adventures this spring. We ventured around Briggs Woods and Brushy Creek to find some fishing spots, and had a little picnic. It was a beautiful day and we had a blast, although the only thing we caught all day was a little guy that wasn't even worth a picture! We had fun hiking and enjoying being outside, and since we both had a day off work, it was a great chance to spend some time together. I switched jobs recently, and have been working 3-11 shifts in the ER. I love it, and it's nice that we can sleep in together and hang out before we both head off to work.

We also took a family vacation (all the Delaney's) to Lincoln, Nebraska for the last of the older boys, Jason's, wedding. With 6 of us in one car, including 2 pregnant women, we had quite the adventure, but it all turned out just fine! We stopped at a baby store to scope out some baby gear, and then went to the hotel, located in campustown/downtown Lincoln. Although the rain complicated some of our plans to wander around, but we still had a great time!