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September 29, 2010

I found some more photos from the weekend. This gives a better idea of how day 2 went! Half of us took a nice afternoon nap, and the other half, well I'm not sure what they did because I was part of the half that was sleeping! Scot can nap anywhere, he's a pro.

 This is me post-nap. Not my finest hour, but the nap was amazing. Tyson likes naps too, so we cuddled.
 Jessica and Evan even came out for the day and hung out with us! Of course, they picked the crummy rainy day though!
 My B-E-A-utiful aunt showing off her awesome raincoat.
 Yep, it's cold and rainy!!

 Pam had to get creative because we didnt' have straws. Luckily, we had twizzlers!

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