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September 7, 2010

Baby shower #2

Two weeks after my aunt, cousins, and sister threw me a wonderful shower, Joel's aunts threw me another great shower! I feel so grateful and blessed to have people surrounding us that are as excited about Tessa as we are! Joel's aunt Kris has a fabulous backyard area with a pool and beautiful landscaping, and it was the perfect location for a brunch shower outside. His aunt Julie and aunt Christy helped plan a delicious brunch with Panera Bagels (my favorite!!!!) cinnamon rolls, scones, fresh fruit, and of course, a cake!!

We were once again blessed with many wonderful gifts for Tessa and tons of Ca-ute clothes for her! It just makes us want her here even more!

It also seems as though a small feud in my family has begun with this little girl!! At my first shower, my sister got Tessa an ISU onesie and a cute bottle. It was very, very cute! But, apparently, that motivated my aunt Jan to ensure that Tessa was representing Iowa as well, so at my second shower, my aunt got her an adorable Iowa hat and blanket. I have to say I do love both teams, and my family knows that I cheer on ISU very enthusiastically; until of course, ISU is playing Iowa. I was born and raised a Hawkeye, and no ISU education can change that. But, Tessa will be a cross-breed of the two teams because I do show some allegiance to
ISU, just not as much as I do to Iowa.

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