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September 24, 2010


Since we are living in a rented townhouse for the duration of Joel's contract here, which is 3 years, we couldn't paint or do anything too drastic for the nursery decorating. So, we had to get creative to get a bright room for our baby girl. We decided that since we probably won't be in this place when we have our next child, we might as well go all out for Tessa and make a room that she can be in until we move out.

We decided to go with a polka dot theme in brown, pink, and green, and then add some blue and purple in there too. We had many long discussions about staying on a budget while decorating this nursery because we knew we could easily go wild. But, we are living rather frugally these days to get some student loans paid off early so they don't hang over our heads for years and years. So, most of what is in here is used, remodeled, on clearance, or thrift store finds that have been revamped. We also recruited some crafty family members with visions to help design some things while not spending too much. A little arts and crafts kindergarten style goes a LONG ways!

So there's the nursery! I will post later about the money we saved on this nursery by doing things ourselves with the help of everyone we know that is crafty, artistic, or handy. We spent less than $500 on absolutely everything you see in here, including furniture and all decorations. I told ya, we're living frugally. Check back this weekend for exactly how we accomplished this.

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