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September 17, 2010

the GCF

I have a strange addiction to reality television and all things on MTV. I blame this on my father because he blocked MTV on our television until I was a senior in high school. So, I am still playing catch up. Because of this, my post has been named GCF, similiar to the Jersey Shore GTL (gym, tanning, laundry). However, my GCF is the Guthrie County Fair!

On to the fair! Every Labor Day weekend since I can remember, we have spent the Saturday of the weekend at the Guthrie County Fair. I am related to most of that town in some way or another, and my grandparents have lived there for their entire lives. My mom grew up on a farm west of town, attended GCHS (Guthrie Center High School) and still hangs out with a group of girls she's known since those days. It's a real small town U.S.A. (for those country fans out there!)

We had a very set tradition that did NOT vary whatsoever. First we would go to the parade and  we always sat just west of the Jubilee, which is now named something different. Then, we walked to the fair and had a picnic in the parking lot, tailgate style. We had a great potluck that always included homemade fried chicken and all kinds of other goodies. After lunch, us kids were itching to go play. So, off we went, and our parents usually didn't see us for a while unless we needed money! When I was just a wee one, my grandpa would buy all the grandkids wristbands to the midway so we could ride the rides all day after the parade. After we started getting older and the GCF midway wasn't cutting it, grandpa would give us the money to spend how we wished. We usually played 25 cent BINGO with it!

After my grandpa died and us kids were starting to get older and go off to college, the tradition changed a little, but my mom and aunt have never missed one with Grandma. Grandma now lives in town, but they still go to the parade (in a different spot, but still a great spot for candy!) They still have a picnic complete with chicken, but they have it at my Grandma's house since she lives in town now. And they still go to the fair and play a couple games of Bingo. Most of the grandkids don't go anymore, but this year, we had 3 of 7 grandkids representing, plus Isla and Tessa! Matt, Jessica, and I made the GCF, and Meghan experienced the real fair for the first time.

So anyways, here's a few pictures of that fabulous day!

I am superman, and my mom and sister are clowns!

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