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September 29, 2010


The weekend of September 19th we went camping. My parents set up their camper, my aunt and uncle set up their camper, and Joel and I pitched a tent out at Cherry Glen and camped for the weekend! I grew up camping every year with family and friends, and Joel loves camping and all things outdoors, so of course we wanted to participate. My mom offered us the spare bed in their camper, but we wanted to do it all natural. By all natural, I mean that we pitched a tent, blew up an air mattress to sleep on, put a fan in tent since I need the noise to sleep, and we even had a desk lamp that we used as a night light. Yes, a desk lamp, courtesy of Uncle Paul. I have no idea why he had a desk lamp in with this camping stuff, but it sure was handy!

We had a beautiful night on Friday night. The weather was perfect, and we made campfire pizzas. For those of you non-campers, we take these pie irons:

and fill them with pizza ingredients. My personal fave is Canadian Bacon, pineapple, and onion, plus the pizza sauce and cheese. You just butter 2 pieces of bread and put the buttered side on the outsides, put your ingredients in between the 2 pieces, and close the pie iron. Cook it over the fire until both sides are crispy, and there ya have ti. They are amazing! We also had s'mores, which of course is a camping staple. Here's a few pictures of our Friday night fun.

Saturday was a much different story. It rained all night Friday night, and all day Saturday. It was about 50 degrees, and most of our day was spent indoors! Eventually the rain slowed enough for us to play a few outdoor games and some card games, but it was pretty wet. We still had a blast though! I can't wait until next year when we can camp with our family of 3!

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