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October 1, 2010

Old Wives Tales

One thing I've noticed throughout this pregnancy is that everyone has an opinion about this or that. Everyone seems to be an expert in pregnancy and babies, whether they are mothers, grandmothers, men, single women, etc. Seeing a woman with a belly is somehow an invitation for anyone and everyone to give unsolicited advice! Usually, I'm pretty cool about it, but sometimes random strangers try to tell me everything about my pregnancy and unborn child like they are my doctor.

Having said that, I've decided to check out some of these old wives tales that everyone tells me and see if any of them are true.

If you look more beautiful while pregnant then you're having a boy, but if you look worse during pregnancy you are having a girl because the girls steal all your beauty.  
I have no idea if this is true, but it sure sounds funny. I don't think I've gotten significantly uglier, and I'm definitely carrying a little girl!  

If you put your hands above your head it will cause the cord to get wrapped around the baby's neck.
I have a very hard time believing this one as well. My baby book said 1/3 of all babies have the cord wrapped around their necks, so I have a hard time believing that the same 1/3 is the mothers who put their hands above their head.

If you don't drink enough water, your baby will come out dirty.
Um, WHAT?! Last time I checked, all babies come out covered in goo, regardless of my fluid intake.

I'm not supposed to take baths because germs can get into my vagina and be passed to the baby.
Again, WHAT?! Anyone with any sense of anatomy would know that this is ridiculous. Baths are good for pregnant women, it just shouldn't be too hot because then, apparently, you can "cook the baby", or cause it to overheat. 

If the baby's heartbeat was 140+ BPM, then it would be a girl, and if it was less than 140 BPM, it was a boy.
This one was true for us! She's had a heartrate of at least 140 at every single appointment, and usually it's even above 150. 

If you eat spicy food during pregnancy, your baby will come out mean. Also, it will have bumps on its face.
This one just makes me laugh. How exactly does my food choices influence my daughter's personality traits? I'm pretty sure if she's got a mean streak in her it's probably because of who her parents are! And, almost every baby I've seen has bumps on its face at some point in its first few days of life.

If you carry high, it's a girl, if you carry low, it's a boy. Well, I've heard this one both ways.
This one can't be true because I've heard both versions of this. I've had random people tell me I must be having a boy because of how I am carrying and others say that I must having a girl because of how I'm carrying. The best is when they argue with me about it. They tell me it's a boy, I tell them, "no, it's definitely a girl." They say, "oh, just wait, it'll be a boy." Nope, I've had 4 ultrasounds, they all say my baby is beans and wieners free.

If you crave sweets, it's a girl. If you crave salty foods and meat, it's a boy.
This one has been true for me! I've had such a sweet tooth during this pregnancy!

If you have heartburn, the baby will have lots of hair. Also, if your belly itches, the baby will have lots of hair.
Well, I've had terrible heartburn and terrible belly itches. I am thinking this one might be a little true, or at least a weird coincidence. I had lots of hair when I was born, and so did Joel.

If you watch action/scary movies, it will be a boy. If you watch romantic comedies, it's a girl. If you cry during romantic comedies, it will be a girly girl.
HAHA. Really!? My movie tastes cause certain parts to develop? Just for the record, I've hated action/scary movies my entire life. I can only remember crying at 2 movies: Titanic and the Notebook, and haven't watched either of them during this pregnancy.

And my personal favorite, actually asked to me by someone:

If the man was on top during conception it would be a girl, but if the woman was on top, it would be a boy.
I'm not going to answer that, mostly because I can't remember. I guess we weren't keeping good enough track  or we could've started buying baby clothes the day I found out! HAHAHA.

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