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October 24, 2010

Random thoughts over the past week

Seriously folks, bed rest is not all it's cracked up to be. It's not terrible, but it's quite boring. Each day I wake up and hope for contractions and signs of labor, and then I watch TV, do puzzles, sit in the nursery and look around, and hang out. I've also started overthinking and rationalizing very random things!  For example:

October 20, 2010: This would be 10/20/10. My thoughts included what a great day it would be to have a baby. It's an easy date to remember, it's an even number, and it was my great grandmother's birthday, as well as my cousin Tyler's birthday. Well, that day came and went. Ok, no big deal.

October 21, 2010: This would be a great day to have a baby. We'd be able to get out of the hospital on Saturday and then we could have visitors over the weekend, Joel would be off, and we'd get to watch football. No such luck on this day either.

October 22, 2010: This would be a good day for a baby. We'd get out of the hospital on Sunday, Dr. Turek would most likely still be able to deliver before he took off for the weekend, we could spend Saturday entertaining visitors and I could entertain the nurses by yelling at the TV during football games. No such luck.

October 23, 2010: This would be 10-23. Being the wife of a police officer and the fact that I work in an emergency room has made me all too familiar with 10-codes. So, of course, Joel and I laughed about the prospect of Tessa 10-23'ing (which would be arriving on scene in 10-code language)  on 10-23. Yes, we're dorks, but it was funny and cute. But alas, I'm still pregnant.

October 24, 2010: That would be 10-24. For you 10-coders, that would be "assignment completed", hmmm... yes you know where I'm going with this. I could complete my assignment, or, "10-24", on 10-24. But so far, nothing. No contractions today, nothing to indicate a little munchkin might want to come out anytime soon.

October 25, 2010: This is tomorrow. I'm still holding out some hope. This is her due date, this is the day that we told her she was supposed to come. If she's anything like Joel and I, she'll arrive right on time. If she's anything like my side of the family, she'll be late, but it could be anywhere from 20 minutes to days late, depending on which family member we're talking about here. If she takes after my dad, she'll take the scenic route, if she's anything like my mom, she'll have to plan out her escape, including lists, and if she's anything like my grandma, she'll come bearing gifts and be super early.

If she's anything like Joel's family, she'd be early or late. Joel's dad would have made her be here by now, Joel's mom would have her be running just a couple minutes late, and Joel's uncle would have her in about 4 months. But, she's in control and we're just waiting here!

Now do you see what I'm talking about here? This is what I do with my free time!!

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