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October 20, 2010

Week 39

So as it turns out, bed rest won't kill me. I was sure that it would, but lo-and-behold, I survived the first week. Granted, I could still be pregnant for 12 more days before she comes out (doctor will induce at 41 weeks). But the first week went by surprisingly fast, given the fact that I was parked on my tush for 90% of that. Now, had I just taken a week off and been lazy, that would be different. I hate that he told me I can't do anything.

Luckily, my famiy is uh-mazing! Joel has been great all week helping me do things and he cleaned the house! Saturday my parents came up to visit and brought me some things to occupy my time. I got 5 boxes of old stuff of mine to sort through, a box of old pictures from middle school and high school, a bunch of puzzles to do, a giant box of old magazines to read and get decorating and food ideas from, and of course, food! My mom made lunch and dinner and we watched football all day! My dad helped fix our stupid new computer that already is messed up, but alas, we had to take it back to Best Buy to get sent in to the manufacturer.

Then Sunday, Joel's parents came up and visited! They also brought a wonderful meal since I'm not allowed to be on my feet long enough to cook a decent meal. We had another great day hanging out and watching football. On Monday, we had to go to Ames to take back the aforementioned stupid new computer that is already broken. I needed a change of scenery so I rode along and walked around the store a little. It felt good, but I could tell I overdid it a little so we went home after that.

Yesterday was my week 39 doctor's appointment. My blood pressure was the same as last week which was higher than the previous weeks, but it hadn't gone up any more, and most of my other symptoms had subsided so the doctor wasn't too concerned. I am progressing a little towards delivery, but it sure would have been nice to be dilated to like, 5 yesterday, and then I could just go upstairs and deliver! No such luck. But, we're getting closer.

In other news, I'm an aunt again! My nephew was born Saturday morning, bright and early at 2:57am. He's a healthy boy, they named him Noah John, and he looks almost identical to his older brother Jaxon! Congratulations Luke and Jen!

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