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October 12, 2010

Week 38 Appointment

Well, I should have known that this pregnancy wasn't going to be as easy as I thought. Throughout every appointment the doctor has said, 'You make my job too easy. Everything looks perfect. I wish I had 50 of you a day." Well thanks, doctor. I really appreciate that. Until today, when I went in for my routine 38 week appointment.

I had noticed some random swelling in my feet and hands over the last week, but didn't think anything of it. Then, I noticed a few times I would randomly see spots, be dizzy, or have double vision. I didn't really think anything of that either, until I realized that those two things together could mean trouble. When I went in for the appointment this morning, I figured I'd mention it and see what he said. So when I mentioned it, he got kind of serious faced (which is so not typical for my doctor) and said, "oh." Suddenly I got very nervous.

He said with those symptoms, plus the fact that my blood pressure had spiked 20 points higher than what it had been for the previous 37 weeks, and the protein in my urine, he was putting me on bed rest. He said that bed rest won't make the problem go away but it will at least give me a chance to take it easy. I had labs drawn and have to do a 24-hour urine collection and depending on the outcomes of those, we may be having some decisions to make. If all of those come back ok, I'll be taking it easy and we can let her come whenever she's ready to come. If something comes back abnormal, we'll be discussing the dreaded I-word.... Induction.

I'm hoping things come back great so we can let her come on her own. Not that it would be all bad to know when she's coming, but C-section rates double when someone is induced. For now, the labs are ok so we're just waiting on the urine to see if everything is ok or not. Until then, I am hanging out in Webster City trying to relax but not get too bored. I welcome all visitors!!

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  1. Hope everything turns out okay! If it makes you feel better, my induction went great last year. Keep us posted and try not to get too bored.. Soon, bored won't be a word in your vocabulary!! Best Wishes..