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October 11, 2010

The Apple Orchard

Saturday afternoon J and I went out on an adventure to Fort Dodge. I'm in Fort Dodge basically every day, but  it's more fun when I can convince Joel to come with me. Well, since we were heading to the apple orchard north of Fort Dodge, we stopped in Fort Dodge so I could feed my need to check out Hobby Lobby, just in case anything had changed. Nothing had changed, but I naturally found some things I needed to have! This trip, it turned out to be all the ingredients for making my little soon-to-be munchkin headbands/hats with those fancy little bows on top.

We also went to Dollar Tree just to look. Apparently J was a dollar tree virgin, and was very intrigued by the fact that everything was $1. He just kept looking at stuff, throwing it in the cart, and saying, "Eh, it's only a dollar, who cares if it breaks next week." Ah yes, dear, you've been bitten by the dollar tree bug. After we left Dollar Tree, it was, "I can't believe we got all that stuff and it was less than $20." Yes, honey, that is the beauty of Dollar Tree. I have a strong feeling we'll be back.

On to the apple orchard.
 This place is just north of Fort Dodge. It's a cute little place with lots going on. We didn't do many of the activities they offer this year because I'm 2 weeks away from giving birth and it was 85 degrees in October. I even had a cute little outfit picked out to wear, but when the weather wasn't going to be 60 like I thought, I had to scrap that idea and pull out my less than flattering capris. Oh well.
 My endearing husband had me pose here, and then when we both sat down he made sure to comment about how I made the bench go down. Well, honey, I'm carrying a pumpkin around. Deal with it.

  So, we wandered around all the pumpkin-ey things, skipped the haunted house, skipped the hay rack ride, although he promised to bring me back and take me on it if I get desperate for this baby to exit in a couple weeks. There was  a cute little playground area, but I didn't want to be the only adult playing on the playground so I skipped that too. We decided to be adults for this trip so we went inside to pick some apples and buy some jam.
 I love apples.They had tons of different varieties and gave out samples so we could decide on which ones we wanted. We decided to get a peck of the Haralson apples, which are a great tart, crispy apple. I like that I can use them for baking and eating fresh, and they are delicious! The more crisp the apple, the happier I am when eating them!
 Yep, I beat the pumpkin in the size competition. This picture was not supposed to be a creepy model shot with my hair blowing in the wind, but the wind wouldn't stop!
 I'm still not sure how I convinced him to pose next to the pumpkins. This is so not him!
And, one more shot before leaving. We had fun, but definitely look forward to future years when we can bring Tessa and show her all the fun things to do!

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