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October 18, 2010

Can I whine?

I am going to take this opportunity to whine a little. Just a little, then I'll be done and back to my optimistic self, I promise!

The OB put me on bedrest for my safety and for Tessa's safety, and I get that. But then he says, "but if she would just come on her own sooner rather than later that would be the best." Ok, then let me do all these fun labor inducing activities that may or may not actually work but would actually give me some hope. Let me take walks around the block (but then my blood pressure may rise and the swelling would certainly return). Let me do SOMETHING to get this labor going. I have been having sporadic contractions for days, but just when I have 3 in a row, they go away for hours, only to return and taunt me later.

I still have a week until my due date, which means up to 2 weeks of being pregnant still, but c'mon, the doctor can't tease me with this stuff and then say, "ok, see ya next week." You're killing me smalls. Especially since my brother and the wifey have had their 2nd baby, at a week early, all eyes are on me. And I feel so helpless and powerless, and with my type A personality, I need a little control over the situation, or at least the feeling of a little control.

I can't sleep anymore because she thinks its funny to use me as a punching bag and she's a great kickboxer already, I wake up constantly because it's such an effort to roll over, I have terrible heartburn because I am confined to the couch or bed and can't stand up and let digestion take its course, and I'm bored.
The End, at least for now. Here's to hoping she's coming sooner rather than later!

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  1. I'm getting anxious- can't wait for Tessa to arrive!! Hope she comes soon and good luck to ya!