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October 16, 2010

Arts and Crafts

I received a couple of headband/flower bows from friends for Tessa to wear, and loved them! They are so cute. But then, Joel and I went shopping for a couple she could wear on game days and realized how expensive they are! After speaking with my good friend Mr. Google, I determined that I could make these adorable little guys for a fraction of the cost. Plus, this activity was bed rest approved so I was sold.

We stopped at Hobby Lobby one day last week after the doctor's office and got all the supplies. All it takes is those little headbands, which are 99 cents. For the thicker ones or the beanie hats, they are a little more expensive, but still, a small investment! We bought alligator clip hair clips, 1 roll of ribbon, some jewels to go in the middle of the flower, and some of the single stemmed daisy flowers. What I love about Hobby Lobby is the sales. All of these things happened to be 50% off that week, so it was even cheaper! You just have to disassemble the flowers and then glue each layer of the flower together. I used a hot glue gun. Then, glue the gem to the center of the flower, wrap the ribbon around the alligator clip and glue it on so it's a softer surface, and then glue the clip to the back of the flower. It's really very simple.

My first couple left a little to be desired, but after about 10 of them, I was a pro. I even started mixing and matching flower colors to get some fancier ones! I tested them out on my headbands and on a crocheted hat I had, and they look uh-dorable. Not too bad for a non-crafty gal like myself!

I'll have to wait until spring for more colors, since they had all the fall stuff out. hopefully I'll be able to get some cute pastel colors for spring!

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