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December 1, 2010


This year for Thanksgiving we went to Des Moines and split our few hours between both families. Joel had to work the night before Thanksgiving and the night of Thanksgiving, so we were on a limited time schedule. We went to Joel's family's Thanksgiving for lunch and Tessa got to meet most of his side of the family. She is blessed to have a set of great-great-grandparents, which to me is just crazy. Joel's great grandparents are 88 and 86, and have been married for like, 60-some odd years. My grandma is 82. He is an entire generation ahead of me. Anyways, he has a lot of family and they all like babies. I seriously didn't see my daughter all of Thanksgiving day unless she was nursing, because, well, I'm the only person that can feed her. We took a 5 generations picture and then ate some delicious thanksgiving food.

 Great-Great Grandpa Roy (named Poppa), Great Grandma Judy (GG Judy) Grandma Laura, Great-Great Grandma Alyce (Nanny) and proud Daddy Joel

 All the great grandparents, grandparents, Joel, and Tessa. Apparently I wasn't needed in this photo because we realized later that I wasn't in it, even though everyone else was. Hmmm.

Tessa's great-great grandparents

 Then, we went to my family's Thanksgiving hosted by my aunt. Although we missed the dinner, we made it for dessert and drinks, which was just as delicious! We made our Christmas lists, which is an annual tradition in my family. By the time you leave Thanksgiving, you must look through all the ads and create a list of Christmas ideas for Grandma and for whoever has drawn your name. So, we did that, and made one for Tessa too. Then, we had to head back home quickly so Joel could get ready for work. Boo for work.

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