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December 24, 2010

my little hamburger

Over the last 8 weeks, Tessa has grown leaps and bounds. From being in an oxygen hood with an APGAR of 2, to a wild child with a smile that makes your day! There have been many speculations about who she resembles more, who she behaves like, and what the future will hold. She's also earned herself a dozen or so nicknames!
We call her:
Tessa Kelly (I sing her rap sings with her name when she's fussy)
Tessa Lou
Tessa Susanna
Hamburger with French Fries
Ham Ball
Butter Ball
Pumpkin Pie
hmmm.. a lot of her names resemble food... coincidence!?

My little peanut is developing quite the little personality the last couple of weeks. Some of her traits are hilarious, some of them worry me already! She's definitely got my temper, she goes from zero to P.O.'ed in 5 seconds or less. No lie. From a giggle to a scream if you blink.

How dare I pick her up off the floor for another pose. She made quite the statement. 

She is normally very mild mannered (daddy's demeanor) and just loves to lay on the floor and flail her arms and legs. She talks and laughs and smiles at the TV or one of her toys or sometimes the wall.  If she's awake, how dare you touch her, until the second she decides she is tired, then she lets out a blood-curdling yell and lets you know she is ready to be held. That's my temper!  But, she still is a good snuggler when she's tired, which according to my mother, I would have never done.

But, she makes the funniest faces all the time. She's quite a showoff. Here is Tessa channeling her inner Derek Zoolander with her cousins.
Here is her surprised face!

And then sometimes, she gives me this angelic face, and it just melts me. I love that she knows my voice, I love that she loves snuggling with her daddy, and I love that when she sees us she'll flash us a smile.

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