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December 11, 2010

A few more carseat pictures

Here's a couple more pictures I just found of her chilling in her carseat. Yesterday we had to run some errands so we got her dressed since we'd be seeing people. Usually she hangs out in her jammies most of the day unless we have somewhere to go. I had just gotten some babylegs in the mail that were supposed to be for Christmas for her, but I couldn't resist so I opened a pair early. For those that don't know about babylegs, I suggest you familiarize yourself with these.

They are like leg warmers, but fit newborns up to toddlers, so she'll be rocking them for a while. They are awesome to slip on when a onesie isn't warm enough but also very cute! They look like tights or leggings but they don't actually go up over the diaper, they are just up to the top of the thigh on each leg. They are great for when babies start scooting around and crawling, but for now they are just cute on her and make it easy for diaper changes and hanging out! 

 Sometimes she makes crying faces in her sleep, and I happened to capture this one!
 She fell asleep clutching her rings and I didn't have the heart to rip the ring from her hand.

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