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November 29, 2010

Stupid Carseat Bed

I loathe the carseat bed. Seriously, it is a ridiculous piece of equipment. It is so difficult to take it in and out of the car, and it is just as difficult taking her in and out of it. It makes me question the need to go anywhere, because it's such a debacle. If you take her out of the bed, it's cold and you have to wrap her up in a blanket, and then carry her everywhere.
I have not gotten the hang of the sling yet so one of just carries her. If you take the entire bed out, it doesn't fit in any shopping carts and is super heavy and awkward to carry around. Tessa, if you're reading this, please pass the carseat test so we can use your nice, fancy travel system that is currently collecting dust in the dining room. I understand the safety aspect, but it is just so darn inconvenient! Luckily she's cute so we'll deal with it.

She loves her pacifier. 

 Here she is watching TV! She'll stare at it for hours!

In other news, Tessa loves watching TV. No matter where she is in the room, if she's awake she'll cock her head towards it. She has also started making more noises and talking some. It's pretty funny!

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