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December 29, 2010

Christmas #2

We celebrated Christmas #2 on Saturday, December 18 with Joel's immediate family. We usually make a day out of it, playing games, opening presents, and having a nice dinner. This year was no different! We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, then us girls went to the Winter Farmer's Market. It was packed, so luckily Tessa stayed home with the boys. We bought some wine, some Indian food,  I got an ornament, and we wandered around for a while. Then, we came home and hung around for the afternoon while a couple of them finished up their shopping.

A few of the Delaney's are notorious procrastinators, so it was no surprise that people were buying the gifts mere minutes before they were set to be opened. I won't do any callouts, but you know who you are! So, some of the presents were fresh.

We opened presents and of course, we all got spoiled. We got a new snowblower, and Tessa got some sweet toys and money to put in her savings account for college. We are truly blessed! We finished the night off with an incredible beef tenderloin with all the fixings.  Both of Grandma Laura's girls were hamming it up, so we got a few great pictures of Tessa and her cousin Brynn.

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  1. Tessa is so beautiful!!!
    She and V have the same first Christmas shirts, too! So happy to hear you had a nice holiday! <3