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December 10, 2010

Precious Moments

With Joel working nights, it tends to mean he needs some sleep. This normally occurs during the day, although he may park the car in a deserted area and take a snooze mid-shift, I'm really not sure. Because of this schedule, he doesn't get up until mid afternoon so he misses all of Tessa's cute awake time, which is in the mornings. She's so happy in the morning just talking and laughing and watching T.V.

The other day I walked into the bedroom as Joel was getting ready for work and found this: it was so precious.

 He's getting some daddy snuggles in!
 In semi-related news, we bought her this fun outfit from Old Navy and Joel now calls it her jailbait outfit. She's so gangster.So here's our little pink and white striped jail outfit, right before she puked on it. She's had this outfit on 3 times.

She has puked on it twice.

Not a cute little spit up, I'm talking a full on puke, chunks and all. 

And it always happens right before we're about to leave. And she usually smiles afterwards like she's so freaking proud of what she's just done. Perhaps I should take the hint and retire this outfit? Nah, but next time daddy will be watching her when she's in the outfit so he can clean up the puke mess.
 She also is not a fan of tummy time because she can't see the TV during tummy time. We usually last about 2.2 seconds before she has a full on meltdown, but we're working on it.

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