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December 14, 2010

Tummy Time

Tessa hates tummy time on the floor.
Absolutely loathes it.
Screaming bloody murder within 15 seconds.

But for some reason, if you put her on her stomach on someone else, or on our chests, or in her pack and play which is at an incline, she's perfectly fine. And she's perfectly fine on her back when she's awake. The other night after her 4am feeding, she showed me just how good she can be at tummy time. Granted, I was ready to go back to sleep and I thought for sure she was too, but the second I put her back down in the pack and play, it was playtime for her, and she was showing off all she had learned by practicing tummy time.

This went on for almost 20 minutes. At 4am. Usually after she eats, she goes into a milk coma and crashes, like turkey does to you after Thanksgiving dinner. But not this time. She was happy as a clam, mommy wasn't too excited about playing at 4am, but I have to admit, I was laughing at her pretty hard!

Then, yesterday, she decided she wanted to have tummy time on daddy's knees so she could watch tv. She's such a little weirdo!

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  1. Oliver does the same thing! He loves to be on his belly on my knee or chest but put him on the gym on the floor, and he cries!