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April 1, 2011

The Road Trip

I felt a little like Clark Griswold when we were packing for this trip. The trunk was stuffed, the floor of the car was stuffed, and Tessa barely had enough room for her carseat amongst the crap. By crap, I mean 2 suitcases (one for us, one for Tessa), one duffel bag full of cloth diapers, a breast pump, a computer, 2 food bags, a cooler, 2 purses, birthday presents for Jax, a cosmetic bag, a diaper bag, extra sweatshirts, a blanket, 3 pillows, and 2 Nalgene bottles. I think that's it. I can't remember.

We got to Des Moines to pick up my mom and I decided to feed Tessa so that we could get a couple hours down the road without stopping. Except she wasn't on board with this game plan. She was too distracted by the dog (she loves dogs now, apparently!) to eat, and by the Menlo exit, which is about 35 miles out of town, she was screaming and hungry. And it was pouring down rain. So, we stopped and ate a little, calmed her down, and continued down I-80 Westbound towards Denver. It took us about 10.5 hours which really wasn't bad at all.

The way home was eerily similar, except it took us more than hour to get 10 miles. We were just trying to get to North Platte for dinner and that was stretched out from 7:45 to 9pm before we finally got there. First, Tessa decided she was hungry. So, we stopped, changed her diaper and fed her. Ten minutes later, she was crying again. Apparently, she pooped.

We stopped, changed her diaper again, and were back on the road. Then, I got pulled over. Yep, I got busted going 87 in a 75. Actually, has asked me how fast I was going and I said 83-84 and that's about what he had me at. Clearly he didn't have radar on me because I know I easily going 87, if not more. Oh well. I didn't get a ticket, just a warning. It probably helped my cause that it came out in conversation about Joel being an officer. Eh, my husband risks his life everyday, I'll take this minor perk.

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