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April 28, 2011

Feeding a baby....

is harder than it looks! Watching her try solid food for the first time was hilarious though. We decided to start them a few weeks earlier than planned. Initially, we had decided to wait until she was six months old to introduce solid foods, but we agreed to begin them shortly after she turned five months because our pediatrician thought they would help her reflux problems, especially since our health insurance is jerking us around with her medication. But that's a story for another day...we're on solids today.

So, the first two attempts were pretty pathetic. Nothing got in her mouth and all I got was dirty looks. By the third day though, she was ready and scarfed it down. We started her out with applesauce mixed with rice cereal and that was a success. We then introduced sweet potatoes and squash and she liked both of those too. Next, I thought I'd try a fruit, like banana.  This is the reaction I got.

 First she was like, "oh no you dih-ent. What is this crap you are feeding me? I refuse. "

 Then she said, "Ma, I am opening my mouth to protest, not so you can shove another spoonful in."

Then, she was all, "Fine, I just won't swallow what's in my mouth so you can't feed me more."

And then, it was over. She survived. And she lived to tell about it.I think she was happy it was over.

The next day, she decided to feed herself. This was her supper of choice.

So far, she's eaten sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, applesauce, pears, and bananas. She definitely prefers vegetables to fruits, which is the opposite of her dad. She also has to be in the right mood to eat, so some days she goes on strike. But, she's doing pretty well at it. She's figured out what goes on when she gets a bib on and gets in the highchair. And she's impatient.

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