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April 18, 2011

What I lay awake thinking about at night

Sometimes I lay awake at night, or let my mind wander when I should be working and come up with some pretty weird thoughts. So, I thought I'd share a few of them. Plus, maybe some of you have some insight.

Do you think Jesus was a hottie? I mean, the general depiction of Jesus is something like this:

 While he's the almighty son of God, he's not such a looker if this is what he actually looked like. I mean, he was a carpenter, he'd probably have a decent body, but his face isn't great. Why am I thinking of this stuff at night? Who knows.

How many golden oreos consumed in one sitting is too many?

Will my body go back to normal and will I be in shape and look good again if I continue to watch the infomercial for Zumba? It's the thought that counts, right?

Will I feel guilty if I choose to stop breastfeeding? Why am I being selfish about wanting to quit when my supply is still good and it's free food?

Are the ladies on Extreme Couponing complete losers or do they think they are the bees' knees? It seems OCD to me, and I'd rather spend some QT with Tessa than sit at the table clipping coupons.

Which is worse, regular soda, knowing how bad it is for you, or diet soda, with unknown stuff and the unknown effects of aspertame?

Will I ever feel like we're in a home, not just a temporary housing unit?

This last one is one I have struggled with many times. It worries me that some of the worst people in the world, like Charles Manson or the guy that killed the Sheriff in Keokuk might be going to heaven.  The selfish, human side of me is really bothered by that. I know sin is sin and my swearing habit is no worse in God's eyes than a sexual predator,but I think that's what bothers me the most. Ugh. Darn internal struggles with morality and salvation, they should go hand in hand.

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  1. So I thought I would take a crack at answering your questions...as one mom to another:
    1.He was beautiful on the inside, which is what really matters.
    2. 42
    3. No, doing the zumba then yes.
    4. Don't feel guilty about your choices in parenting, we all do the best with what we have at that moment.
    5. Coupons are made to make you buy stuff you don't really need, example there is no coupons for water or air.
    6. Drink water, made for you by the planet.
    7. Home is where you are with the ones you love, even if that is in a cardboard box.
    8. I hear heaven is a big place, you probably won't run in to them.
    Hope to see you guys soon and meet Tess face to face! love from the dieter family.