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April 5, 2011

Joel and I have been debating recently about when to start Tessa on solid foods. Our pediatrician says we can wait until 6 months as long as she's still eating well and acts like she's still content with just milk. Many pediatricians say to start cereal and such at 4 months. She's now 5 months and 1 week old, and we're still not sure. We haven't started anything yet, but we've let her suck on an apple slice every once in a while,which she seems to enjoy.  We have all the supplies ready, including some fancy new feeding helpers, like this mesh feeder.
These things are awesome because you can put things into it and let the baby eat it through the mesh. It's good for snacks and stuff and lets them become familiar with tastes.

In the Amazon post below, I mentioned we also got ice cube trays with lids to freeze the pureed food in 1 ounce portions. I thought I'd make her food a couple times a week and freeze it in one ounce portions. Then, for meal time, I could just pull out a cube or two of something, and mix it with another to get a meal. For example, pull out a cube of green beans and a cube of peas and mix them.

But within the last couple weeks, I've started doing some research on Baby Led Weaning, or BLW
The basis of the this method of feeding is that the baby controls when and how much they want to eat. Instead of pureeing the food and spoon feeding to them, you cut it into bite size pieces and allow them to figure it out. If they put it in their mouth and eat it, great. Sometimes they just taste it and play with it. It allows the baby to figure out feeding for themselves and decide when to eat and when to stop. It also allows the baby to eat more "table foods". Obviously, they'd have a modified version of table food, but if we're having green beans, we'd just cut a few up before putting salt and pepper on it and let her try them.

I am getting antsy to start feeding her real foods, even though that will make diapering more complicated when she has that peanut butter poo from half solids, half breastmilk.

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  1. Love the pic of you and Joel! Too many wives forget about their man once they've had a child! Love it!