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April 11, 2011

First auction!

On Saturday we ventured to the sprawling metropolis of Guthrie Center. My grandparents lived on a farm there for a long time and my mom grew up there so we still have a lot of relatives there. Actually, I'm probably related to about half the town (Slosses and Wilsons dominate that town!) We were heading to our first auction. My grandma's sister lives in the nursing home now and her husband passed away a few weeks ago so their family decided it was time to clean out their house and put it up for sale. So, they had an estate sale auction. We had no idea what we were in for. None of us had ever been to one of these before, but hey, we were prepping ourselves for an adventure.

We got there and the building was packed full of stuff. Everything from antique furniture to kitchen wares up the wazoo. There was an antique sewing machine, a ScooterStore scooter, and 50 boxes of mason jars. There was antique jewelry and random Christmas decorations. It was like they had literally moved their home into this building and were prepared to sell every last item in it. 

My grandma and mom only wanted to go to see relatives, but my dad and I were prepared to spend some dough on stuff we didn't need but could no longer live without. As my mom put it, "I want to see all the cousins." And, she did. Which means Tessa and I saw all the cousins too. Not that I knew any of them, but I smiled and introduced Tessa and repeated the same sentences for each introduction.

"This is Tessa. She's 5 1/2 months old.
She sleeps 12 hours a night and is pretty happy unless she needs something
She is a great eater. Yes, I'm sure she's 5 1/2 months. I know she looks small, she's long and lean like her dad. "

All you moms out there are probably all too familiar! It's funny how everyone asks the same questions. I know it's just small talk. Sometime though, I'd like someone to ask me how often she poops! It would throw me off guard!

Anyways, back to the auction. It was intense at first. Literally, the auctioneer would pull a couple of random boxes out from the pile and say " ok,let's start bidding on this. Bidder takes the boxes." and then he goes into his jibberish tongue rolling, speaking in tongues mumbo jumbo until he points to someone and says, "sold, to #45 for a 2 dollar bill." Rinse and repeat. For 8 hours. A pickle jar filled with marbles went for $60. I got 2 camping coolers for $4. Antique sleigh bells went for $140, 10 lazy susans and 4 other boxes of crap went for $3.

It was really fun though. I got a world famous pizza burger from the restaurant in town for lunch, and spent some time with my Grandma Wilson. Tessa got to hang out with GG and got loved on by everyone she met!

It was supposed to be an 80 degree day, but when we showed up at 9:30 it was 45 and cold. By afternoon though, we were shedding layers because it got hot and humid fast. Gotta love Iowa weather.

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