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January 24, 2011

How are you doing?

Things have been relatively slow around this household recently. I've been working full time hours even though I'm only a part-time employee now. While the money is great, I miss my baby girl and my hubs. I get off at 5:30, home by 6, and Joel has to start getting ready to leave at 7.

So, yeah, we've got an hour a day as a family. Joel really enjoys being home with her, but he misses his sleep. Since he doesn't get off until 4 and wakes up whenever she does, he's running on little sleep. He catches up when I have days off because I'll get up with her. Funny thing is, when I don't have days off, he doesn't catch up on sleep. Whoops!

Tessa's still doing really well! We haven't had any alarms on the apnea monitor since December 21st. When we went for her 2 month appointment on December 22nd, the doctor said if she went 2-3 weeks without an alarm she could come off of it. But of course, being the stinker she is, she had an alarm the night before that.

Well, it's been a solid month now, but strangely, I'm not ready to give it back. I like the peace of mind knowing that nothing will happen to her because it will alarm me if she stops breathing for 20 seconds. I know that no matter what, that thing will beep louder than the fire alarms and let me know something's wrong. I've grown accustomed to this, and I fear that once she's off of it, I will spend my nights worrying and listening for the slightest sound she might make.

Eh, all good things must come to an end, and since it is costing us $400 a month, it'll be nice to get that $400 added to something else, like our school debt (Thank you Dave Ramsey, again!). She's growing like a weed, and does something new everyday it seems like. Ugh, so cliche. I've become that lady. The "my kid is so advanced and awesome and does new stuff and check her out... blah blah blah" lady. She is figuring out how to play with her toys and loves her play mat (homemade play mat that is, Dave Ramsey wouldn't approve of a separate, unnecessary toy system so we used the play gym bars that came with the pack and play and clipped a bunch of stuff to it). 

A little creativity goes a long way! I've also noticed how fast Tessa is taking over this blog. So, I'll talk write about some other things too.

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