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January 5, 2011

Christmas #4

Since my brother and his wifey were visiting from Denver, we crammed in multiple Christmases in a short amount of time. Whenever they are in town, it's 4-5 days full of laughing, playing cards, drinking, and eating everything in sight. We play at least 100 games of pinochle, with a few other games mixed in. Last year, my mom found this new card game and wanted to teach it to us. It's called back alley bridge. I have no idea where she learned it, but I do know how quickly we perverted the name of it. Since last Christmas, we have come up with the following names for this game, all of which have to do with the... ahem... back door.
Back Door Bridge
Back Vag Bridge
2 in the stink Bridge
2 in the dirty bridge
Stink Finger Bridge
Starfruit Bridge

What can I say, we're weird! So anyways, we play a lot of games, and had Christmas too. My nephew Jaxon is such a ham so he had us rolling in laughter on many occasions. Plus, with 2 new babies, it was quite an adventurous few days. We got spoiled, as usual. Tessa got an adorable play kitchen, a puppy that sings songs, and some clothes, books, and Baby Einstein DVD's. So far, she loves the DVD's and loves watching them in her monkey bouncer chair. 

 Here is Tessa and Noah, who is 12 days older doing tummy time. This lasted about 30 seconds and then Tessa laid her head down and tried to go to sleep and Noah got very angry.
 My nephew Jaxon, who is 2 1/2.
My super weird brother, who I get most of my weirdness from. He brings out the silly in me, more than anyone else I know.  From the minute he walks in the door when they visit, it is nonstop laughter. His wife, Jen, is just goofy, but Luke and I have this weird unspoken thing where we can just bust out laughing over absolutely nothing.

Tessa likes when her great aunt Jan comes to visit! She's pretty entertaining!

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