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January 15, 2011


My 10 week old is starting to develop quite the personality. Some of these traits are great, some of them, well, I wish she'd take after her daddy more. She already has my defiance. Seriously. Open, obvious defiance. For example:

This was naptime. She sleeps on her stomach. Not only did she defy me by being awake, but she decided that rolling over and scooting herself to the end of the crib to check out her mobile was a better idea.

This was supposed to be tummy time.

Happy picture time
She was supposed to be using her neck strength to sit up in the bumbo. She thought this was a better plan.

She was supposed to be awake and alert for pictures

Again, awake, alert and happy for pictures

Bedtime. This was at 4am and she was supposed to be sleeping.

She was supposed to be practicing tummy time.

Apparently posing for pictures was too exhausting, because she punked out halfway through.

This one just cracks me up. Power to the people yo.


  1. Hey girl! I read this all the time! ...Just wanted to let you know that people ARE reading, even if they aren't leaving comments! I love how often you're able to update! And I love the pics! I cannot BELIEVE how much that baby looks like Joel!! How are you doing with being away from her and at work?

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE her face in the bumbo seat! LOL!