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January 8, 2011

2 Months!

Tessa is 2 months old already!
I can't believe how quickly the time has flown by. I recently went back to work, but only part time. That was hard, but luckily she is left in the trusting hands of her daddy so my mind was at ease. Since he works nights, he gets up with her during the day while I'm working. I'm only working 3 days a week now, which is working so far.

Every day I swear she learns something new. She smiles all the time, and definitely knows the sound of our voices. She loves watching the television, and will cock her head to try to see it no matter where she is in the room. She loves her bouncy seat until she gets tired, then she realizes she has to do the work and gets annoyed. She loves her swing when she's in the right mood, but usually doesn't sleep in it. She is most entertained by the pole of her swing swinging back and forth. The swing has a dancing mobile and sings songs, but she is most entertained by the pole. She's so goofy.

She is a great sleeper, which is such a blessing to us. She goes down at 10pm and wakes up between 7 and 8 to eat, then back to bed until about 10.

Photo shoot lasted about 30 seconds longer than she wanted it to, but for some reason, the crying pictures crack me up!

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