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November 12, 2010

Fighting a losing battle

Well, it's official. Tessa is already a daddy's girl. She wants nothing to do with mom unless it's time to eat. I don't think she's figured out that I also do the diaper changes, but that's not as important as food. While I am absolutely enamored by the fact that she loves daddy and that daddy loves to hold her and let her sleep on him for hours (it gives him the excuse to nap!) it's rough on me. Now that Joel is back to work and working nights, he's not here to hold her when she's wide awake from 10pm to midnight while I catch a snooze. It's like she knows he's gone too.

His first night back to work, which was Wednesday night, she was up from 9pm to 3am, and bam, zonked out 15 minutes before he got home. Magic. Last night he worked the earlier shift so he was home and, lo and behold, she slept 5 hours straight. She's messing with me. I swear she is. Eh, oh well. She's too cute to get mad at, although I wish I could read her mind. That would be fun.  Here's a couple photos of how she feels about having her diaper changed. She's not impressed. The second photo is her hungry face though, it just cracks me up. She gets one eye closed and the other eye we refer to as 'crazy eye'. That's how we know she means business. 

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