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June 18, 2011

Painting Galore!

Yesterday I let Tessa have do her first art project. I had gotten an idea from a friend to get kid friendly paint (washable of course!) and let her finger paint on canvases. I thought this would be a fabulous idea for Joel's first father's day. Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

 I had to be very careful with the different colors to make sure that the canvases didn't all turn brown because of the mixing colors. So, one at a time, I squirted a blob of paint on her tray, put her hand in it, and then put the canvas under her so she could eat the painted canvas smear and splash paint on the canvas. We did this very meticulously through all the colors and then I let her splash around for a while. 

Just as suspected, paint was everywhere. She had somehow gotten a huge pile of red paint on the back of her head, which made it look like she was bleeding. Luckily it washed off and her head was still in tact. But, the final product was pretty good! I think daddy will love it! 

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