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June 23, 2011

Our $18.80 mistake

I blame all you readers that are parents on this one. Why didn't anyone warn me that the 1 time we don't bring the diaper bag on a trip to Target that we'd have a poo-splosion? This was legendary, a story for the ages.

We needed to go to Target, which was 25 miles away. Tessa was due for a nap, so we figured she'd get a 30 minute nap in while we drove there. She didn't fall asleep but we she usually fights naps so we figured she'd fall asleep sometime at Target or on the way home. We parked, and I went to grab her carseat. That's when I saw it. A gooey brown pile. In her carseat. On her leg, on the strap, on her clothes. Well, Crap. We also realized we didn't bring the diaper bag. Oops.

Well, Joel wanted to drive home. I vetoed that, I don't get to go to Target often so I wasn't going to give up this opportunity. So, we brought her in, ran to the baby section, bought our first ever pack of disposable diapers, a pack of wipes, and a new outfit. $18.80 later, we were ready for clean up time.  I had been itching to get her a couple new outfits anyways, so there's your silver lining.

I took her into the bathroom and started wiping. Hmmm. The woman always has this responsibility. Joel sat in Starbucks for 20 minutes while I wiped and wiped and wiped. 27 wipes later ( 1/3 of the pack!), 3 disposable diapers later (I forgot how to do those!) and 3 target bags full of dirty stuff, we had a clean baby and a semi-clean carseat. Luckily no poo got on the actual carseat, just the straps, but still. It was not pleasant. She had a new outfit, although it was not prewashed so hopefully I didn't give her cooties. Of course, she was pretty proud of herself and happy as a clam.

So now we have a 33 pack of size 3 diapers, a pack of wipes, and a cute new pink outfit! We are now -1 onesie. I didn't attempt to salvage that.

Lesson learned.

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