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May 24, 2011

That house I was telling you about

A few weeks ago, we discussed moving to another place in town. We are currently in small 2 bedroom townhouse. We started looking at potentially renting a house in town when one of Joel's coworkers mentioned that they were going to moving and would be interested in selling or renting us their current house. Ok, that might work. We went to look at it and fell in love. Both of us, suckered in by this large, old, beautiful home.
I've always been a classic home kinda girl, I want an old farmhouse or victorian with some character. This one had it all, updated kitchen/bathrooms, finished attic, a play room for Tessa, and a huge front porch complete with a porch swing. I was in love, and apparently so was Joel. We decided that we didn't want to rent it because we knew that the next place we moved after it would not be as great. So we though maybe we'd buy it. We'd been talking about staying in Webster City longer than we first decided so maybe that was a viable option.

And then... just as quick as that idea came to life, it was shot down. Ankeny PD will be hiring later this summer and Joel knows that's one place he'd really like to work. He knows a few officers there and knows he'd probably have a great shot at getting a position, plus then we'd be back home, closer to our families, back with civilization. So, we're going to see how that goes. Or at least that's the plan today. Subject to change at any moment.

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  1. What happened with Ankeny PD?? They didn't hire him?