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May 18, 2011

Is my kid a weirdo

Tessa does not watch TV. Let me rephrase this, I sometimes try to put her in front of it with a kid friendly show on so I can get some things done, and she's not interested. The TV does not distract her like it does with mom and dad! All day long, she'll glance up at it, but is much more interested in dad's work bag, pulling over her toy basket, trying to pull herself up on the tv stand, rolling around in her blanket until she's created a Tessa burrito.

I suppose this isn't the worst thing that's ever happened to us, but sometimes I wish she was easily distracted by it so I can walk out of the room without a meltdown. Yep, we're in that stage too. She makes many a trip to the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and basement because that's the only way we can get something done. So, she comes along on many of our journeys around the house. She is infatuated with laundry and the pile of clothes I create while folding them. Her favorite is unfolding what I've just folded, eating it, then tossing it aside out of the way of her play time. She is more and more mobile by the day, and has figured out how to get from A to B ver efficiently if motivated! It won't be long before we have to completely babyproof this townhouse!

Oh by the way, we might be moving out of the townhouse... more to come later. It's still in the works.

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