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May 7, 2011

Garage Sale Season is upon us!

I'm so excited, this was the first weekend of garage sales! There were a few scattered sales in the last couple of weeks, but yesterday, the community board was full of advertisements. Tessa and I ventured out for a while this morning after she woke up. We found some great deals on random housewares I can't live without, a couple planters for when I have a porch attached to a real house someday. ::Sigh::: Oh, I also got Tessa a couple of loud, annoying, singing toys that she was already laughing at while still at the sale.

So far, I've started collecting some great stuff. I got Tessa an adirondack chair for 50 cents that just needs to be sprayed off with a hose and will work great outdoors and camping. I got a lazy susan for spices in the cabinet, a little ledge for organization in the pantry, and a couple cute little colored vases. Family Circle magazines and Better Homes and Gardens have been inspiring, and I love that I can find great stuff for cheap! Most of it can't really be used right now since we don't have a home big enough for my trinkets, but I'm collecting it anyways, knowing that someday when we move, I'll be able to fill the home with lots of cute stuff!

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