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May 17, 2011

Bad blogger

I've been a bad blogger lately. sorry! It doesn't help that the website was down for 2 whole days, but still, I've been neglectful. So, I apologize.

I also realize I forgot to document Tessa's 6 month well baby check up. She went in May 3rd for her 6 month check up with the pediatrician and did very well! She  was 14 lbs 13.5 oz, which was just above the 25th percentile. She had been below the 25th or hovering right around it, so it was good to see she's gaining still. She just looks like such a little peanut compared to other babies we see! She was  26 1/2 inches long, which is in the 75th percentile.

So, she's still long and lean, just like Joel. I'll take it! I doubt she'll be 6 feet tall like her dad, but if she gets a couple inches on me, I'll be happy. I hope she doesn't get my height of 4'11" (on a good day!), and that she lands somewhere in the mid 5feet range. She was sure hamming it up for the doctor, as usual.

In other news, she's on the move. She isn't crawling officially yet, but she's definitely getting to where she needs to go with this scoot, roll repeatedly, slam face into ground and push method. It's hilarious, but she goes to bed every night with red cheeks from using her face as a moving mechanism. The other night she escaped her bumbo chair and found her toy basket will I was going to the bathroom. I came out to a mess of toys and her head inside the bucket.

Ah yes, another fun thing we've realized about Tessa. She apparently is afraid of men with facial hair. As in, sad face, pucker face, crying, scared. Unfortunately, men with facial hair includes my dad Papa Scot, my uncle, and various other members of the family, including Joel when he's lazy and forgets to shave.

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