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September 30, 2011

What a goofy girl

Tessa is officially 11 months old. Yikes. That's one month away from being a year old. Double yikes. She has more personality than she knows what to do with. She loves to fake cough, fake laugh, destroy everything in sight, and make silly faces. The newest of which is the one below:
She is going to be a bee for Halloween (maybe, this was a handmedown, I haven't decided if I need to buy her a costume yet, but I still might need to). So, we tried it on and practiced. She hates the hood, which is pretty much what makes it a bee as opposed to just a striped outfit. And it's a little tight. We'll see.
 Since she's officially 11 months, we also took her 11 month pictures! She finally realized that her rocking chair rocks and if she throws her body around, she can make it move. Pictures were more difficult than normal. And she loves her koala bear chew toy snuggle buddy/pillow.

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